Blackjack Betting Tips to Lessen Your Losing Chance

You may have dabbled on many tips to increase your winning chance in Blackjack. You also may have not found the tips that suit you well because you’re still in your bad luck. But, worry not. We are here to present you Blackjack betting tips to lessen your losing chance. Here they are:

Blackjack Betting Tips to Lessen Your Losing Chance

Card counting

Yes, card counting. By knowing which cards haven’t and have been dealt, you are more likely to lessen you losing your bet. You may have heard this tip a lot and then see it coming with big amount of effort to be executed. You are probably wrong as you actually have two kinds of card counting: the easy card counting and the medium one.

  • The easy card counting

You may start to apply the strategy of card counting with its easy version. What makes it easy is the simple methods that can be learned in just 15 minutes. Remember, card counting is not illegal, you can do it even at online casinos such as Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia.

Let’s show you how to the easy card counting with example number one. It is ace/five. How does it work? Whenever you start with the number 0, add one for every five dealt and for every ace you deduct one. If it results >2, double the previous bet. On the contrary, if it results <2, go with the minimum limit.

Next is example number two. This example on how to do easy card counting requires 80% of your whole attention during the game. Pay a detailed attention to the big cards that already come out and then adjust your bets as necessary.

  • The medium card counting

As the name suggests, this strategy is more advanced than the previous one. As this is more advanced, it requires more practice and concentration. As this strategy needs more effort, make sure you digest the amount of drink you can manage.

For an ace, you need to subtract one. Add two for a 4, 5, and 6. Add one for a 2, 3, or 7. And deduct two for a 10.

Shuffle tracking

While you are studying how to do card counting, you can also try the shuffle tracking. Although this strategy can help you a lot in finding a particular sequence of cards, you can no longer do this in some big casinos. This happens because some dealers tend to use a shuffling machine instead of using their hands. However, there are still some casinos that shuffle the cards manually. There is when the strategy can contribute a lot to your playing time.

If a dealer happens to shuffle the cards manually, you need to pay a closer attention to the sequence as the cards come out. Doing this enables you find out the cluster. You may try to memorize the suit of cards along with the numbers that lead up to an ace. As the cards are shuffled by human’s hands, they will not be completely random. Exploit this as your advantage to lessen you losing chance.

The Blackjack betting tips to lessen you losing chance come from how you can pay a detailed attention to the cards at the table. The card counting requires the effort as how shuffle tracking does. Yet, the amount of effort dedicated to your Blackjack game will surely be paid off at the end of the day. Good luck!

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