The Chance of Getting a Blackjack in Online Casino Game Blackjack

Blackjack is a popular and considered as high-class game in casinos. But, blackjack can be played by anyone. Players just need two cards which 21 value or called as blackjack. Many people say that the chance of getting a blackjack in online casino game blackjack is just small.

The Chance of Getting a Blackjack in Online Casino Game Blackjack

The Chances

We haven’t found any source that stated the exact percentage of blackjack, but it is really small indeed. It is especially true when bettors trying to achieve blackjack with just the two starting cards. It may look cool, but the chances are not cool at all. Getting King, Queen, or Jack along with an Ace at the same time is a rarity. At best, you can achieve 21 with three cards, but that’s not blackjack.

Is It Impossible to Get Them?

Unless you cheated by slipping your cards in or getting the dealer’s assistance, intended getting them is impossible. Blackjack is a game of pure chances. So, if you are not cheating, blackjack can only be achieved with great luck.

Strategies to Make It Up

Blackjack looks cool and unbeatable, but that doesn’t mean you have to get it to win. In fact, no matter how you win, the payout ratio didn’t change. As long you get the highest number among the players, you win. Ensure your win by getting the biggest value. To collect them, here is a few pointers to follow:

  • Don’t try to achieve blackjack. If you do, you will find yourself losing because you can’t turn back on a bad card you have drawn. Instead of thriving for blackjack, try to get as close to it as possible. Stop drawing when you are close or at 20. Those numbers can be easily trampled especially if you happen to drawn another card with big value.
  • Stop as soon as possible. Do this especially if you are near to 20. By stopping like this, not only the risk of getting trampling card can be minimized, it also works as a bluff to other players. Seeing you stop will make you think that you have got the biggest number or even a blackjack and refrain them to draw other cards.
  • Don’t stop because others stop early. Now that you know stop drawing cards can be a bluff, don’t fall for it. As we have mentioned earlier, the winner is the one holding most values. Of course, if hand with five cards happen to tie with one with two cards, the one holding least card will win. However, there as more chances for big combination to win than getting a blackjack. Who knows, you may win with six cards of 21 while other players have stopped at 18 with only two cards!

Although it is just in a small percentage, the chance of getting a blackjack in online casino game blackjack still exist. However, if you want to get the winning hand you may not only focus on the blackjack value card. Get a high value cards will do. Go to Trusted Live Casino Gambling Website In Malaysia and try blackjack now!

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