What is online betting? What is live betting? How can they be different? What can be the difference of online betting and live betting? Do they require different technique of playing? Some bettors may still confuse those two types of betting. Here are some differences between them.

Difference of Online Betting and Live Betting

Difference of Online Betting and Live Betting
Difference of Online Betting and Live Betting

The Main Difference

There are some differences between online betting and live betting. One of the main differences is how casinos take a part in the betting games. As the name suggest, live betting is a live betting game.

In this kind of betting, there are some people acting as live dealers. The live dealers are usually beautiful girls who always try their best to make the casino and the betting game as pleasant as possible. Lots of bettors love live dealers so much because they show up with teasing attires.

Different casinos have different clothes for their live dealers but most of the uniforms are usually the body-hugging, attractive, and teasing ones. Although the live dealers dress up that way, they still maintain their professional play.

Those live dealers are usually from the casinos. Meanwhile, in the online casino, there are such live dealers. There are no people from the casino involved during the betting game. Instead, an RNG or Random Number Generator is used. RNG is what operates the betting games, meaning that there are no people from the casinos taking part in the game. Play online casino live betting games at Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia and get all the winnings.

The Different Betting Experience

Another difference between online betting and live betting also lies on the different betting experience. For some bettors, it feels more exciting and also interesting to play betting with real people, not with a machine or a computer.

However, sometimes they are not able to reach a land-based casino to meet other bettors and then to play. Thus, a live betting can be the alternative for that. What the bettors need to do is using their gadget like personal computer or mobile phone and connecting it to an internet connection and then play.

Unlike lives betting, online betting offers different betting experience. Playing online betting means playing with a machine or with a computer. There is no human factor involved in this type of betting. The game is operated by RNG only. For example, a certain betting game requires bettor to get a particular winning combination.

The bettor then needs to spin the machine to get certain symbols. When spinning the wheel, for example, no human does it. Instead, the RNG with its mathematics formula does spin the wheel and produce the combinations. Bettors who don’t mind playing with a machine may not find online betting less entertaining. For them, playing with or without other people may feel the same. You can play online slot games as long as you want at E-gamesqq882 Malaysia’s Trusted and Leading Online Slot Betting Website and get the winnings that you want.


In sum, there is clear difference of online betting and live betting. The difference lies on some factors such as how the betting game is conducted and the involvement of the casino in the game. Knowing the difference, which one do you think is your favorite type of betting?

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