Aside from the fun variation of games, the players need more encouragement to keep playing on the casino sites. Many gambling sites now offer bonus and reward for their players. Among those offers, what are the top 5 best online betting and casino bonuses and promotions loved by the players?

Top 5 Best Online Betting and Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Top 5 Best Online Betting and Casino Bonuses and Promotions

Welcome Bonus

When the player join as the member for the first time, they have to fill the registration form and also make the first deposit. The deposit has minimum number, but only few mention the maximum number. One of the top 5 best online betting and casino bonuses and promotions is the welcome bonus.

Each site has different ways to calculate the bonus. Some apply fixed amount rule, while the others count the percentage of the deposit given by the players.

Free Deposit

What is better than free? The players absolutely loves the free deposit. It is usually given as the daily bonus. Every time the players log in, they automatically get the additional money to bet. The number is not big, but it is quite good considering the minimum effort to achieve it.

Several players even simply log into their account without actually betting on something just to get the daily free deposit. This action is legal, as no rules is broken. Get your free deposit now when you enter at Casinoonlineqq808 Top Casino Live Gaming Website in Malaysia.

Free Spins

The players love the game that require less thinking but bring them good fortune. For this reason, slot has been popular gambling option for both beginner and experienced players. The rule of the game is simple: the more it spins, the bigger the chance to win!

Usually, free spins are given to the players who can get certain symbols or miss just one symbol to hit the jackpot. In some sites, the players could get free spins as the promotion of newly added game.


What kind of rewards the player will love? The virtual or real one? Actually, many sites prefer to provide both. Several sites bring up the challenge to play certain game within the period allowed. Then, the players with highest score will get the winning prize. It could be money, voucher, etc.

As for the real prize, the site usually tag specific region only. Unless the players are living in the area, it is not suggested to take the challenge.

Extra Spin

The extra spin is totally different from extra spin. As mentioned above, the free spins call for certain combination. Thus, players could expect it. On the other hand, the extra spin pops up out of nowhere. There is no way to expect it.

The game might indicate that extra spin might be there, but no one could really tell when. If the players are lucky, the extra spin will stop at the jackpot! You can get extra spin when you decide to play at Casinoqq801 Best Live Malaysia Casino Site & Online Betting Games.

The game display, the plot and the low wager are just part of the fun in gambling. In fact, some players prefer to get a gift that will increase their winning chance. The top 5 best online betting and casino bonuses and promotions are the best example. Are you interested?

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